Web Fonts Explained – FOLLOWUP

February 27th, 2012

webfontsteasers1Thanks to all who attended last week’s live Web Fonts Explained webinar. We had some notable and very knowledgeable people in attendance, and they contributed a lot to the Q&A.

As promised, here is a list of the Web font resources mentioned in the webinar, plus one that I added after-the-fact:

Fonts.com Web fonts
Font Bureau Webtype
Extensis WebINK
Google web fonts
FontShop Web FontFonts
Myfonts Web fonts  (not mentioned in the webinar)
The League of Moveable Type
FontGear’s FontPad Server

Stephen Coles, typography writer and critic, wrote in after the webinar to emphasize the importance of browser previews when selecting Web fonts, as the most efficient and reliable way to test performance, especially on Windows. “Browser previews are currently available from fonts.com, myfonts.com, and typekit.com offer decent preview screenshots,” he says. Read his commentary on Web fonts here.

Thanks, Ilene

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2 Responses to Web Fonts Explained – FOLLOWUP

  1. Joh morrison says:

    Thanks Ilene for the FontPad Server mention! As always you are all over this stuff.

    • ilene says:

      Thanks, John, Web font providers and services are changing at breakneck speed, and I want to keep viewers informed of all the options out there.

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