Scaling Logos

September 15th, 2010

When it comes to logos, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all — usages, that is. A frequently neglected aspect of designing a typographic logo is the potential need for slightly different versions for use at different sizes and in various media. A logo’s primary usage may well be at a relatively fixed size, such as for restaurant signage, packaging, magazines or newspaper logos, web sites and ads, However, a logo frequently also needs to work at a range of sizes, including from very small for business cards, to very large, such as on trade show booths, vehicles and even billboards.

To accommodate diverse applications, a logo may need to be tweaked for a range of sizes so that it remains readable and visually in proportion for each usage. Scaling a typographic logo can optically change its appearance in subtle yet significant ways. Refinements may involve the spaces within and around the characters, as well as the actual letterforms themselves.
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