What they’re saying….

“Many thanks, my colleagues and I really got a lot out of the session. We were blown away at how much you were able to accomplish in just one day and what an impact it had. We are definitely seeing more critically. Not only did we pick out all the type faux-pas around Boston, but I was even surprised coming back to Atlanta and reviewing our own work. I really appreciate having been able to be a part of the class, so thanks!”
— Jay Rogers, Art Director

“Your class was exceptional. I will never see letters the same again! What have you done? Hah! Thanks. I would like the designers on my team to attend your class in the future so please keep me posted.”
— Erin Greene, Brand and Design Manager

“Thanks for a great class! I found your class to be both a good refresher, and learned some new things as well. I liked how you would point out something as being wrong — but also talked about the ‘why’ that helped a lot. Now that I am working somewhere that cares about good typography, I feel better prepared to wow them. I actually spent time today undoing what my predecessor had done to a brochure dumb quotes, hyphens…the list goes on!”
— Bob Lodi, Art Director

“Thank you so much for a wonderful type experience. I was so psyched to attend your workshop, and you definitely didn’t let me down! Your expertise is phenomenal. It was an intense yet pleasurable learning experience; the day seemed to fly by. I really do love type, and now I can be confident in my use of type after your workshop.”
— Barbara Fox, Senior Graphic Designer

“I attended your workshop with a colleague of mine, and being ‘type-geeks,’ we found your workshop stimulating, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for a great day immersed in counters, kerning and ascenders… (three months later) I can honestly say that your workshop has really fine-tuned my approach to type, and that months later I’m still applying the knowledge gained at your workshop.”
— Akshay Pithwa, Art Director

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say ‘thank-you’ for the amazing workshop last Friday. I’ve always had a great love of typography, and reacted instinctively to type, but lacked some understandings of the technical side. Your workshop was great. I feel more confident about looking at type now, and I challenge myself to look closer than ever before and I’m surprised at what I see. I just wanted to let you know how one day with your insights has already changed the way I look at type. Thank you!”
— Deb Peterson, Creative Manager, Core Titles

“I attended your Gourmet Typography workshop and just wanted to extend a sincere thank you for a fabulous day! It has been a long time since I have heard someone speak on a topic with such passion. It really was inspiring. Ilene, thank you for setting me back on track. You are doing great things!”
— Alana Ruoso Loughlin, Art Director & Educator

“So many teachers are painfully boring, rhetorical, full of themselves, etc. One walks away feeling ripped-off and dulled out. Your class was fun, energetic and chuck-full of info! I could have studied type for days on end.”
— Alicia Clarens, Graphic Artist

“I recently attended your Gourmet Typography workshop and just wanted to thank you again for an amazing day. I am a recent graduate from a Graphic Design program, but typography wasn’t stressed at my school at all. You have given me a new eye for type; I look at type completely differently now.”
— Anthony Vella-Zarb, Graphic Designer

“Just wanted to thank you for a very informative and fun workshop on Friday. I really feel like I learned a lot of things I can use everyday, unlike other classes where you forget most of what you learned by the time you get home!”
— Cathy Vandergeest, Graphic Designer

“If there is one word to describe your workshop, that word is awesome! Thanks for remind me that typography is not just interesting but fun. I really admire your passion for your field…it’s contagious!”
— Consuelo Cachay, Graphic Designer

“I found your class to be the missing link in the field of graphic design. I have had type classes before and the content is mostly about the structure of fonts, word usage style and then how to see type as a design element. Very important classes, but not all inclusive. Having been in the field for over 16 years, I was surprised how much I learned and some of the practical information about what to do with fonts. Thanks again.”
— Jean Miller, Graphic Designer

“Ilene is a unique talent. She is able to both kick designers into line and inspire them to look at type differently. She is able to conduct critiques with client groups and creatives in the same room (at the same time) and leave both parties bonded and inspired. Her credentials speak for themselves, but it is her wonderful demeanor, generosity and collaborative spirit that make her services a  must on any Creative Director’s list.”
— Margie Miller, Creative Director

Our Gourmet Typography Workshop just ended, and I am compelled to thank you for a perfect session. Ilene was outstanding, well prepared, articulate, understood our needs having done all her homework, understood how to speak to both my team as well as a broader Marketing team invited in at the very end, and overall just a wonderful instructor.

I am quite certain that the designers walked away with an enormous amount of info to think about and a lot of designs to revisit. The marketing team who attended the second half will surely do their due diligence to make sure they have isolated for us what their priorities are for all their future communications, havng been exposed to information they have never thought much about before.

It was by far one of the best training sessions I have attended in my career. Many, many thanks to Ilene.
– Holly Montero, Creative Service