Typographic Consultation

Typography is one of the most important elements of design. Its usage can make or break your message, attract/engage or loose your audience, and either effectively get your point across, or fail miserably trying.

The Type Studio can help you meet and even exceed your typographic goals. Whether it be printed media such as marketing collateral, publication design, advertisements, packaging, logo and branding, or non-print media including Web design, e-newsletters, titles, motion graphics — The Type Studio can help strengthen your message and create effective, successful visual communications of all kinds.

We can help you fine-tune and finesse every aspect of your typographic communications, including:

  • Font selection & type treatment
  • Legibility & readability
  • Information hierarchy
  • Speaking to your demographic
  • Typographic strategies & solutions
  • Sharpening up your message
  • Font library evaluation
  • Typographic team-building

Let us help you communicate more effectively with type!

“Ilene is a unique talent. She is able to both kick designers into line and inspire them to look at type differently. She is able to conduct critiques with client groups and creatives in the same room (at the same time) and leave both parties bonded and inspired.”