The Type Studio is a unique and innovative studio specializing in all aspects of typography and visual communications. Our services range from the technical to the aesthetic, and include Gourmet Typography workshops, training and seminars, webinars, typographic team-building and consulting, type-oriented graphic design, copy and blog writing…and even expert witness testimony!

The Type Studio now offers Gourmet Typography Training, a customized series of workshops and seminars on all aspects of typography for graphic designers, type designers and visual communicators of all levels.

Gourmet Typography Training teaches and demonstrates the expert-level typographic skills and aesthetics that are rarely taught in schools or fully understood by professionals. Fill in the gaps in your typographic know-how and learn how to “see” type like you’ve never seen it before. Learn more!

The Type Studio can help you meet and even exceed your typographic goals. Whether it be printed media such as marketing collateral, publication design, advertisements, packaging, logos and branding, or non-print media including Web design, e-newsletters, titles, motion graphics — The Type Studio can help strengthen your message and create effective, successful visual communications of all kinds. Here’s how!

Don’t let the name fool you! The Type Studio does graphic design too…with the accent on type. Whether web design, web graphics, logos, posters, books, brochures, publications, type catalogs and promotions or t-shirts — let us help you communicate your message more effectively. Check out our portfolio!