Single or Double Spaces Between Sentences?

May 19th, 2015

TwoSpacesShould you put one word space between sentences or two? This question continues to be hotly debated between people in personal, professional, and educational settings, as well as in blogs, newspapers, online news resources, and even dinner parties! But for designers (or anyone setting typography as opposed to just “typing”), it should be a non-issue: double spaces between sentences does NOT have a place in professional typesetting. In fact, it is considered a serious type crime and a sure sign of an amateur. Here’s the scoop…

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2 Responses to Single or Double Spaces Between Sentences?

  1. David Bliss Jr. says:

    I was taught in 9th grade to put two spaces after a period. Now I find out that not only am I wrong, but that it marks me as an amateur. I read Farhad Majoo’s article in Slate where he quotes you. You both sound very smug denigrating an entire generation of typing students. He said that it was arbitrary, but now very wrong. So are you and he still typing on a qwerty keyboard? How arbitrary. Wouldn’t it be more rational to use the Dvorak keyboard that study after study has shown to ease the physical stress of typing, Rather than the qwerty system that was specifically designed to slow a typist down? I guess it was just the way you were taught. Oh…wait.

    David Bliss

    • ilene says:

      David, are you a graphic designer? You don’t say, but I assume you are not from your comment. This practice is only important for professionals (as is clearly mentioned in the article) as one space is the accepted practice for professional typesetting, NOT typing, as I explain in the article. Did you read the entire article? If you did you would have seen that even in typing books, they use one space in the text, only using two when setting typewriter type, usually Courier.

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