The Anatomy of a Character

August 25th, 2014

Knowing the terminology for the anatomy of a character might seem like a painful exercise in memorization, but it’s actually useful knowledge for any design professional. Not only does it make it easier to communicate about typefaces and their characteristics, but it also serves to educate your eye to recognize the underlying structure of typeface designs, as well as the differences between them [...]

I received such a great response to this latest TypeTalk column that I added a downloadable PDF of the chart upon the request of several readers. You can download it here, but I suggest going to the article for the full explanations as well as to download.

2 Responses to The Anatomy of a Character

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you so much for posting this chart… it always makes my heart happy to see one as my passion for typography is not always shared with colleagues. I believe intelligent design requires the knowledge of these basics.

  2. Lori Absher says:

    THANK YOU =0 Loved this post and agree with the above comment. I believe intelligent design requires not only knowledge of the basics, but you can’t break a type rule well unless you know why and have a reason.

    My typography professor in school was a task master—I did everything from drawing letters by hand to typesetting Macbeth. It felt almost evil at the time but made me a much better designer in the long run, and I am forever grateful to him.

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