U&lc back issues now available

February 14th, 2011

In 1974, ITC began publishing U&lc, The International Journal of Typographics. Herb Lubalin was the editorial and art director of the first issue and his seminal design set the stage for future issues of trend setting and award winning editorial creations. A few years after that, I had the great fortune of being hired by ITC to work with Ed Benguiat. A couple of years later, after the passing of Herb Lubalin, I became involved in the production and (eventually) creative direction of this renowned typographic journal.

The modest 24-page first issue declared, “U&lc will provide a panoramic window, a showcase for the world of graphic arts — a clearing house for the international exchange of ideas and information.”

And, indeed, it did.

Over the 26 years that it was published, U&lc gathered a following of thousands of avid readers that eagerly anticipated each issue. It became the most important typographic publication of its time.

Monotype Imaging, Inc. is now making Volume One available for download via the Fonts.com blog. Read on for more info…

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4 Responses to U&lc back issues now available

  1. Pam vozza says:

    I was a young typesetter at a large midwestern newspaper in the 80s when I discovered this publication & it quickly became one of my all-time faves (which rendered me an uber geek, for sure, lol!) Read every issue cover to cover!

  2. About U&lc—

    I loved the artistry of this typographic journal! I have all these issues. I also have the Adobe publications Font & Function. Time for them to seek a new home. Is any one interested?

    Wonderful that they are being digitally reproduced, though seeing the beauty of the originals can bring tears to your eyes!

    Truly enjoying ‘All Things Typographic!’—Cami Fischer

  3. Mark ponemon says:

    U&LC talk about bringing back memories. With every issue that meant a new purchase for me. My shop had the Compugraphic MCS and we had to stay up to date with any new design faces albeit some were just old typefaces that were rehashed new. Thanks so much for bringing back those old issues and even today with everything being digital I always tell people that “Types my life”

  4. Sean Coleman says:

    Thank you so much for providing these! I found and read the first issue yesterday and look forward to reading the rest. It is so great to go back in time and read the “current trends” of 40 years ago. LOVE IT!

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