Missing Font Mysteries – Solved At Last!

March 9th, 2011

Have you ever experienced the frustration of opening an existing document and being confronted with a prompt for a “missing font” that you have not used in the document? Or, have you on occasion found unused fonts listed in the Fonts in Use / Usage directory of your document and wondered how they got there?

This happens to just about every designer at one time or another. It can be both frustrating and time-consuming to resolve, and the actual mystery often remains unsolved, as to why or how the unused font(s) got in there in the first place! If you don’t find the cause when the discrepancy occurs, you will probably get an email or a call from your printer requesting the missing fonts, even if you insist that they are not used in the document. Read on…

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One Response to Missing Font Mysteries – Solved At Last!

  1. Deb Stavin says:

    Here’s another very common reason for “missing fonts” in a document, specifically an InDesign file. Boxes filled with a color, or used only to create a keyline, are text boxes by default. Unless the user changes the assigned content of the box to “Unassigned” or “Graphic” (Object>Content>), the box will default to a text box with a cursor. That cursor is the culprit. It is loaded with the default font.

    Ilene, I love your columns! You always bring happiness to THIS type geek!

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